ICLUB has distilled the wisdom of the TA Ventures fund investment team and portfolio co-investors into a comprehensive 3-hour online course — "Beginner's Guide to Angel Investing"





Sucesfull exits


Unicorns ($1B+ valuation)


soonicorns (valuation close to $1B)

Who benefits from the course?


New investors 

ready to dive into angel investing


Experienced angels

looking to refine their due diligence and portfolio management skills


Visionary startup founders

keen on understanding how investors assess their ventures

The Minds Behind the Course


Anna Magiera

With 15 years of corporate, venture, and startup experience in the CEE region, Anna specializes in building portfolios and crafting effective exit strategies.


Niko Kharchilava

As a retail investor with three venture investments and a robust public market portfolio, Niko specializes in B2B sales and business development, offering insights into negotiating investments and due diligence.


Anton Polieskov

A former editor-in-chief and native ads editor in tech and business journalism for 4 years, Anton offers unique perspectives and expertise in the due diligence phase.

What's included in the course?

1. Introduction to Angel Investing

This module provides a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal role of angel investing in shaping startups and driving innovation. Dive into portfolio theory, the art of finding deals and the general investment process.

30 minutes

2. Evaluating Investment Opportunities:

Explore due diligence methods to analyze pitch decks skillfully. Learn how to identify red flags, assess product viability, evaluate team dynamics, and make informed investment choices.

65 minutes

3. Negotiating Investment Deals:

Delve into investment deal negotiation and legal considerations to uncover termsheets, valuation techniques, types of venture agreements and follow-on strategies.

35 minutes

4. Building a Diversified Portfolio and Navigating Exits:

Gain expertise in portfolio management, including decision-making on whether to support a company, monitoring performance, and formulating strategic exit plans for maximum returns on investment

30 minutes



Insightful online lectures



Hours of content without filler



Engaging home tasks

Result of the course



You will gain a basic knowledge of angel investing, enabling you to confidently enter the investment world with a deep understanding of its principles and dynamics



Learn to evaluate investment opportunities effectively, identifying potential red flags and mastering pitch deck structure, equipping you to make informed investment decisions


Expert Negotiation
and Portfolio Management

Gain expertise in negotiating investments with termsheets and valuation while mastering follow-on theory for optimal portfolio management and strategic exits

"ICLUB's Angel Investor" 

Top students will be awarded a prestigious diploma after passing all homework tasks and the final test


Two ways to have access 


Buy Access
to the Course

You can buy the course if you don't want to register on the ICLUB platform and only want to study 



Unlimited Course + Dealroom Access

Register on the ICLUB platform for free, complete the KYC process and get unlimited access to the course



ICLUB Investor Buildup

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  •  I am a complete beginner. Is this course suitable for me?

    Yes, it is suitable for beginners. We have designed this introductory course for those who want to become an angel investor. It covers the most essential basics. It is also suitable for people with experience who would like to systematise their knowledge and learn how our angel syndicate works.

  • How can I access the course?

     There are two ways to access the course:

    1. Buy it

    2. Register on our ICLUB platform, pass KYC verification and get access for free

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    Our course consists of 20 video lessons. Each lesson lasts an average of 7-8 minutes, while the whole course lasts 2.5 hours. We recommend allowing yourself one week to complete the course at your own pace.

  • Will there be homework?

    Yes, there will be homework. It will be in the form of tests (you can test yourself at the end of each module).

  • Am I guaranteed a certificate if I take the course?

    You must pass all the modules and final tests to receive a certificate. Once you have completed the tests, the certificate will automatically appear in your account.

  • How long will the course be available?

    You will have access to the course for one year from the date of registration or purchase.